Our Products

Chef Chiba Infused Creations are the premium quality alternative to traditional infused foods with strange tastes and smells. With our Chef Chiba developed formula we convert CBD and THC into water-soluble powders that allow you to start feeling the effects in about half the time of traditional edibles. The powders let us make popular mixes like our brownie mix, cookie mixes, drink mixes and the fan favorite Canna Cocoa, hot cocoa mix. These flavorful mixes rival commercial mixes currently on the market today, infused or not. All our products are homemade and sourced from only the best ingredients available and we don’t waiver from our standards.

Farm Bill compliant products

We make versions of most of our products that fall within the requirements of the 2018 Federal Farm Bill making them federally legal CBD products, available to be sold wherever CBD is sold. These products come in 1-1 and 2-1 CBD to THC versions with all the benefits these popular cannabinoids have to offer.

* Where you see this logo we have Farm Bill Compliant versions of the product.

THC Products

For states with recreationally legal THC we offer our products in THC only versions and a great recreational value. Same great taste and premium quality.

* Where you see this logo we have recreational THC versions of the product.

Our Creations

Baking Mixes


Just follow the instructions on the back and make your own fresh, homemade edibles right in your kitchen


Drink Mixes


For a great nights sleep, cozy up with a cup of our creamy, dreamy infused Canna Cocoa


Stay High-drated with our great tasting lemonade drink packets. Just pour into a bottle of water and drink your dosage.



A decedent way to treat yourself. Our Chef Chiba chocolates are expertly tempered and made with only with the finest premium ingredients.




Inspired by everyone’s favorite hard candy treats.

One of our most popular products and an excellent aide for pain, anxiety and sleep and recreation.

Current flavors

  • Mint (Crème de menthe)
  • Cherry
  • Butterscotch
  • Blue Raspberry

New flavors are added regularly.

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